Who I am and what I offer

Richard Peevers

Professional. Reliable. Creative.

Words matter. Whether it’s your resume, your company’s website, or that presentation you have to get done, it’s important to get it right.

I’m Richard, and I’m here to help. I have over ten years’ experience copywriting and editing. If you need new content, or if you need to improve the content you already have, I’m your man.

Here are my specialties:

CVs, resumes, and applications – If you’re applying for a job, I am here to edit and proofread any aspect of your application. As a former hiring manager, I can provide guidance throughout the recruitment process.

Professional copywriting and editing – With my background in the tech industry, I work with companies to produce SEO-focused content. I also write and edit technical manuals, internal presentations, and training.

Fiction – I specialize in science fiction and fantasy writing. Not only am I a published author, I am also an experienced fiction editor. If you need help with your work—or you need an editor to read it before submission—I’ve got your back.

To find out more about my services, let’s talk.