To help you get a feel for my writing style and areas of expertise, here are some writing samples.

More samples are available on request. If you think I would be a good fit for your job, please get in touch!


“Nightfall on Titan” in The Temporal Logbook 2 (2018)
On Saturn’s moon, colonists are attacked by killer jackals.

“King of the Midnight Planet” in The Unofficial 1972 Doctor Who Annual (2018)
People have been disappearing from a forest in Cornwall for a thousand years.

“Attack of the Space Pets” in The Unofficial 1972 Doctor Who Annual (2018)
A woman has died in the living room; a strange green animal is hiding in her house. Is there a connection?

“The Three Little Pigs” in The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Words (2017)
A retelling of the classic fairy tale.

“Lovesong” in Black Heart Magazine (2015)
A man and a woman show their feelings in the most peculiar of ways.


Feature Articles
“The Statue of Joe Palooka” in Daydrifter Magazine #3 (2017)
The chiseled jaw of this forgotten American hero still stands tall in a small Indiana town.

“The Lost City of Singapore” in Daydrifter Magazine #4 (forthcoming, 2018)
The story of an abandoned city in Michigan.

“The Many Faces of Doctor Who” in The Unofficial 1972 Doctor Who Annual (2018)
A short history of Doctor Who.

“The Evil of the Daleks” in Pure Historical (2017)
Despite its lofty reputation, The Evil of the Daleks is something of a curate’s egg.


Travel Writing
Monument to the Bombardment of Ellwood
The first attack on the continental U.S. during WWII occurred off the coast of a quiet California golf course.

The Seeley House
The “Skinny House” is made from scrap, salvage, and a neighbor’s kindness.

Memorial to America’s First Circus Elephant
This high-perched pachyderm marks the memory of not one, but two elephants gunned down in small New England towns.

Tent Pole Monument to Circus Dead
On the windswept Dakota plains, there is a memorial to circus workers who were struck down by lightning.


SEO-Focused Articles
Best 25 Tips on How to Cheer Up a Girl Over Text
Is your girlfriend having a bad day? Is work getting her down? Here are the top twenty-five tips you can use to cheer your girl up over text!

How to Find Yourself a Good Boyfriend Who’s a Keeper
Have you ever wondered what it takes to find yourself the perfect boyfriend? Here are some top tips to help you find a boyfriend who is a keeper!